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Offer Details: This special offer sends you a full 30 day supply of Total Body Fresh. You just have to pay for the $8.95 shipping charge and your trial bottle(s) will be delivered in just a few business days. You must cancel within 14 days or you will be charged the full price of 69.95 per bottle. This offer automatically enrolls you in a subscription program to receive a 30-day supply of Total Body Fresh each month. You can cancel your membership at anytime by calling Customer Support.

"Before cleansing, I had addictive type habits to coffee, alcohol and overeating. I was 10-20 pounds overweight and moody. The first week of the cleanse was the hardest, but as it went on, I had sustained good energy and was not too hungry. Smells made me want other foods. After cleansing, I feel incredible! Light, clear, even keeled, very energetic and present in the moment. My cravings for previous addictions are gone."

-Diane S Phoenix, AZ

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